Toxicity: people & places

Toxic people. Who else just thought of a certain someone in your life? Positive vibes have been such a trend lately, well this started like 2-3 years ago maybe. Its totally something important to discuss though, right? I mean who doesn’t live with some type of negativity in their life.

I am a true believer in vibes. My freshman year of college I found out how sensitive I am to my environment and who I surround myself with. Not that Denison (where I transferred from) was a bad place, it wasn’t! But the vibes weren’t right for me. It sounds like a whole bunch of bull, but when it comes down to it I wasn’t happy and wasn’t surrounded by the places or people I wanted to invest my time in. I picked up and moved on, now happier than ever.


Toxic people are such a bummer! I wish we could look these people in the eye and say “dude, fix yourself.” Its normally not that simple for people to fix, for others it can be an adjustment on perspective. Not everyone that is considered a toxic person in your life has to be negative. It might just be that you two don’t click, maybe you clash more than you click. As you’re reading this, I bet you’re thinking of a few people you have in your friend circle that just don’t flow with you. You know, those people that make you feel down and out or stress you out or you feel like you’re constantly arguing with. Get rid of them! Sounds much easier than it really is. Thats where Lauryn Evarts comes in…

Anyone here read The Skinny Confidential Blog? I am so beyond obsessed, listen to her podcasts every day she puts a new one out, religiously stalk her app, and obsess over her and Michaels relationship. Back to toxic people… a few weeks ago, Lauryn wrote an amazing post on negativity. She tells readers how she did a people inventory. Basically, she wrote down who she wanted in her life and who wasn’t bringing in good vibes, then slowly cut ties with the latter. Maybe thats extreme? Maybe not? If you’re really struggling with putting the right people in your life, I always say “its better to be alone than in bad company”.


UGH this one is so challenging because there are so many little parts to our surroundings that make it hard to pinpoint. Each environment will have a feeling that you can just sense. When I walk onto Elon’s campus, I just feel happiness. Everyone is happy, beautiful, and no joke, it feels like everyone loves it there. Have you ever walked into a place, maybe a party or something, and just feel so off?  Lets be real, that happens more than we think! Even when I go out to dinner, sometimes the vibes are just not right for what I imagine the night being *cue your girls to turn around and leave*.

Your environment is so personal. I love the idea that we all can create our perfect place in our homes. Even in college apartments we all have some special method or way to decorating that makes us feel comfortable. The best advice I can give when it comes to our environment is to listen to your gut. Don’t follow what other people are doing if you aren’t comfortable with it. Frat party or bar? Ski slope or beach? Everyone likes different things and we should surround ourselves with what makes us happy.

Each of us have different triggers in our environment. Recognizing what works for you is a key to success. You will do better in a place where you are surrounded with things you love and people that make you happy.


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