Cleansing is not for the faint hearted

Three weeks ago I got home from college anxious to lose the weight and bloat that comes with the college lifestyle. I wouldn’t consider myself a party girl at heart, but that dining hall food can really get to ya. Coming home was exciting. My dad, who is about 80% plant-based, was sure to have a great selection of… you guessed it… vegan, locally sourced foods. After explaining to him my interest in being a bit more healthy, and losing weight, he suggested we both go on a juice cleanse.


My seven hour drive home from college was my time to really figure out how to buckle down this summer. I was dead set on getting a personal trainer to keep me focused at the gym. So, my dad suggesting this whole juice cleanse thing… didn’t really feel like it was for me. We decided to do the 3-day cleanse from Restore Cold Pressed (just happens to be that I work there). For three whole days I ate nothing and drank straight liquid… sounds awful right? BUT IT WASN’T


Day One: woke up… hungry per usual. Drank a green juice with no fruit in it. Felt super full. By noon I was dying to eat solid food. Something about that crunchy, chewy-ness in my mouth, I wanted it so badly! Had another juice instead. I was three deep, three to go. Finishing the fourth juice is where I started to get hANGRY. All I wanted and all I needed was real food. I felt unsatisfied and quite honestly, the cleanse didn’t feel worth it anymore. I started gagging chugging down another green juice. My headached, my stomach rumbled, and I was miserable. This is when we are supposed to preserve though, right? So I stuck it out, absolutely in shambles. Day one ended with an almond milk, maple syrup, and date juice. I wanted to cry. Nothing has ever tasted so good.

Day Two & Three: I hate to bunch these two days together, but they were so much easier than I imagined. I kept super busy: did my nails, cleaned the house, prepared for work, read. Anything to keep my mind off of the craziness of this cleanse. So start with a green juice, move to a detox beet juice, then a lemon cayenne juice, followed by a green juice with some fruit, another lemon cayenne with apple this time, and end with a delicious almond milk juice that is sweet as can be and so so filling. By this time, I was used to feeling a bit weaker and I knew that I shouldn’t/couldn’t workout. My friends helped me stay busy (shoutout Halle & Margo).

By the end of day three, I felt so accomplished. I had finished the cleanse. Unfortunately, this is where I ‘cheated’. After feeling so accomplished, I went to Aladins, a mediterranean restaurant in my town, and got a kale salad with quinoa. I know I shouldn’t have… but people, I hadn’t eaten anything for three days!

The cheat meal

The end result of this cleanse was about 5 pounds lost, a stronger mental will, and a complete reset of my eating habits. No joke, bye bye sugar cravings. Like literally don’t have them ever anymore. I am eating 80% plant-based. I save social situations for my splurges, and I feel better than ever. I would never recommend a cleanse to someone trying to lose weight. If that is your mentality, you will not last or it will be terrible. A juice cleanse should be used as healthy lifestyle reset button. Let it spark your interest in healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. It has changed my entire outlook on food. Food is not a hobby, its fuel. What you put in your body is going to change how you feel, so fuel it right.


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