Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by “Major Shaming”

We all know the “easy” majors: communications, art design, media, journalism, the list goes on. Their ciriculum seems project based. They don’t  have frequent all-nighters in the library. Instead, those majors seem fun, easy, creative, and maybe even… important!?!


Hellooo people! Open your eyes! The people who pursue their passion and graduate with a degree in Journalism are the ones who keep you informed on the worldly news and create those overly entertaining BuzzFeed posts. The people who major in theater and acting, they are the ones you plan a whole night to see perform on Broadway. With all of the opportunities we have at college, there are so many different facets of careers that it makes major shaming kind of ignorant.

As a young women in the Sport and Event Management program, I get a lot of backlash on what I want to pursue. I have heard the whole “oh, you want to be that girl that interviews the players after a game, do you even need a degree for that?” or “what do you plan on using that for?” Well, I can tell you one thing… people like me don’t have billions of dollars in student loans to not have a plan for the future!

When tuition bills come out..

My major is important to me because I have a passion for it, just like you have for your major. There are two things in this world that bring people together… dogs and sport. Since I can’t be a dog, I decided to study sport. I think I can make a difference in the way people relate to each other and I can do that through sport. Each of us have our very own reason we chose what we did. Respect that people! Its not easy for any of us to spend hours studying, so cut us a break!


Victims of “major shaming”, be proud that you are pursuing what you love. In the end, you will be happier doing something you love every single day rather than doing something for the money or the fame.

Cheers to us people pursuing what we love.

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