22 Reasons Being Committed in Your 20’s Totally Rocks

Lately, it seems like social media glorifies the single life. We idolize Amy Schumer for her funny, single life. Same with Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, even Sheryl Crow. Elite Daily posts how being single makes you more cultured and that being single makes you better than the rest of us. They even have a subtopic called “Love Hurts” with a huge heading of “Love Is A Mother F*cker”. I’m not trying to blame Elite Daily for this trend. The Huffington Post, The Odyssey, among tons of other sites are posting about this. And its not just about being single, its about being single in college and being single in your 20’s.


Maybe I’m a little sensitive, but I feel like these are always aimed at me. I have friends that think my college relationship is bogus, that we met at the wrong time, that we won’t last. Then I have friends that absolutely adore my boyfriend and will stand by my side through it all. The ones on the latter side of that are the ones with more open minds and bigger hearts. They understand that it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but support me for trying to make it just that.

My point of this post is that if you and your significant other have your own plans to grow, explore, keep an open mind, and listen to each other then you will have everything these single posts talk about PLUS MORE. It is complete B.S. to make the assumption that people in relationships are held back. If anything, us boyfriends/girlfriends learn the most by sharing our lives with someone. We are challenged all the time to understand, listen, and experience new things that our other half enjoys. Relationships are growing experiences.


So, for all of you doubters out there, heres a few reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of the committed life in college.

  1. You will grow in ways you never thought
  2. Sharing your experiences with someone else gives you a new perspective on life
  3. You meet amazing people (aka your bf/gfs friends)
  4. You will always have a partner in crime
  5. You never have to worry about doing that whole “staying-in-by-myself-binge-watching-netflix” thing alone
  6. But if you do want to do all of that alone, you totally can!
  7. You will always have a travel buddy
  8. Someone will always be there to push you to be your best
  9. You get to buy someone gifts and make them feel loved
  10. The holidays are more fun with someone by your side
  11. You’ll probably have a funny story about how you met that you and your friends laugh over
  12. Your girlfriends will love you for hooking them up with one of his guy friends (and vis-versa)
  13. You have someone to take care of you when you’re sick
  14. Your maturity level will sky rocket
  15. You don’t have to worry about the pressures from the”hook-up culture”
  16. When you’re homesick, you have someone that can make you feel at home
  17. Always have a study buddy
  18. Your parents get another child (parents love this shit)
  20. Someone you can always make fun of without worrying about hurting their feelings too badly
  21. You get to share your happiness with someone
  22. Someone will always be there to support you

Some of my favorite times with bf Ben-



One thought on “22 Reasons Being Committed in Your 20’s Totally Rocks

  1. Although these posts do seem to glorify the single life they make us single ladies feel like we aren’t alone, they give us confidence to live our lives single and not have the mind set that we need a man to be happy. Also you’re welcome for putting you two together.


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