Today’s a B.I.G. Deal

Today, I start my blog. Today, I start my blog… TODAY I STARTED MY BLOG.

 Ever since I transferred to Elon University here in sunny North Carolina, I have had a constant stream of inspiration. I finally realize why people call school “home”, and this place is nothing but. It is beautiful and clean, opportunistic and encouraging, but most of all, it’s energetic. From an outsiders perspective, this place is perfect. From my two month experience here, I would say it comes pretty darn close.

As an avid blog follower (favorites: Lauren Conrad, The Skinny Conf, The Balanced Blonde), I have waited too long to open up this site. I have posts already edited, notes for whats to come, and pictures to share! My biggest hesitation came from my sense of privacy. I want to share my journey with you all, but maintain that sense of personal privacy that I value so much. But, with careful thought and planning, have realized that I want this blog to be a sense of inspiration, motivation, and wisdom that can be shared between you and me. So, here we go! 

I hope you enjoy!

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